Introduction to Arduino

Learn the basics of the Arduino microcontoller! We’ll look at some sample projects and then get hands-on with the Arduino. Each student will use their own computer to program an Arduino and wire up basic examples that demonstrate how to input and output data using an Arduino. Students will be given example code for each project, but also be shown how to learn more about writing code.

Concepts & Objectives
Learn the basics of the Arduino microcontroller, an open source prototyping platform that allows you to build electronic devices and experiment with circuits, sensors, motors, etc.

Materials and Tools
For the class we will supply you with an Arduino UNO compatible board, a breadboard, wires, and a variety of other parts to use. Some of the components we will explore are: potentiometers, photocells, servos, relays, and sensors.

Students will be required to bring a computer with at least one USB port. Before you come to class you should install the Arduino software. (Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.) You should also install the CH340 driver for Arduino boards that use that driver.

Skill Level
This class is suitable for those who are proficient at using a computer. If you’ve done any programming or scripting before, it will help, but is not required. If you’ve built simple circuits or done any electronics before, it will help, but is not required.

Check our calendar to find out when the next class is scheduled.