Introduction to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a “single board computer” (or “SBC”) which runs the Linux operating system. While it can be used as an inexpensive desktop computer, it’s also useful as a media player, arcade device, and other custom purposes. We’ll look at some sample projects and then get hands-on with using a Raspberry Pi.

Concepts & Objectives
Learn the basics of the Raspberry Pi computing platform. Learn about the hardware and software it uses.

Materials and Tools
For the class we will supply you with a Raspberry Pi SBC, keyboard, mouse, and display. We’ll also explore wiring other devices to the Raspberry Pi. (Students are not required to bring a computer, but it is strongly encouraged.) If you want to get started before class, visit

Skill/Age Level
This class is suitable for participants 12 years of age or older who are moderately proficient at using a computer.