Bay View Gallery Night at Brinn Labs!

Yeah! Bay View Gallery Night is happening at Brinn Labs! We’ll be here from 5pm to (at least) 9pm showing off some of the work of our resident artists and makers. Everything from weird electronic devices to illustrations, sculptures, ceramics, prints, as well as video and light installations. It’s going to be a variety of objects and processes and strangeness. Something for everyone!

And for those who like a little audio with their visuals, we’ve lined up a few TBA guests who will provide a bit of background (and/or foreground) noise for you to enjoy. We won’t spill the beans just yet, but there will be beans everywhere on Friday, and they’ll sound amazing.

So come on down and check out the Lab. There’s plenty of free parking right across from the front door starting at 6pm. If you come before 6pm, just park down the road a bit, there’s always space available. (And yes, we’ll have refreshments on tap from one of our new brewery friends, so come thirsty!)