Summer Sessions for 2018

We ran our first Summer Sessions for teens this year, and while we had a small group for our initial offering, they were a fun bunch of kids. The Summer Sessions ran every Wednesday from 1pm to 4pm during July and August, and over the course of seven weeks we covered Fabrication Tools and Shop Safety, Rough Carpentry/Framing, Soldering and Circuit Boards, Stop Motion Animation, 3D Modeling, An Introduction to Arduino, and Design Prototyping.

All of these classes were hands-on and offered access to skills, tools, and instructors that helped students hone their maker chops. Students could come to any week that interested them, or all the weeks. We saw a few kids come back week after week and other just came to the ones they were really interested in. For those who kept coming each week we tried to build upon what they learned in previous weeks, and many sessions saw them leaving with a cool project they made.

We were also pleased to see one former student at Maker Faire Milwaukee, and he also plans to join us as a Lab Intern next year where he’ll have even more opportunities to learn new skills.