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We want Milwaukee to be a Maker City!  Established in 2013, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum’s Maker Initiatives have helped our organization become a national leader in the Maker Movement.  Brinn Labs, our new MAKERSPACE in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, is home to this evolving aspect of our educational mission.

Making – also called hands-on or authentic learning – is a growing trend in education that is changing how students learn, how educators and schools teach (especially the critical STEAM subjects) and how communities prepare young people for living, working and learning in the future. Along with its dramatic influence on education, making is also addressing the skills gap in workforce training, job creation and economic development – key issues for Milwaukee. In our rapidly changing global society, the Maker Movement expands our “learning by doing” mission to the entire community.


To learn more about the Maker Movement, Maker City is an excellent place to start. Maker City publications and other projects are designed to help business leaders, educators and others understand the Maker movement and the impact it is having on economic opportunity:  community development, education, advanced manufacturing, workforce training, real estate and more.

Brinn Labs would like to thank GE Healthcare for sponsoring our 2019 workshops, field trips, and Scouting programs.

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